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Nevertheless, if a word is utilized (e.g. gram), then it is needed to reveal the equivalent word (gramme) in French. commercial packaging law. (a) Table 2 Systems of measurement English French Sign gram gramme g kg kilogramme kg litre litre L, l, l millilitre millilitre mL, ml, ml centimetre centimtre cm metre mtre m square centimetre centimtre carr cm2 square metre mtre carr m2 cubic centimetre centimtre cube cm3 cubic decimetre dcimtre cube dm3 cubic metre mtre cube m3 * making use of the signs “L” and “mL” is preferred.

Also, neither a period nor the letter “s” might be utilized after any of the signs. Examples: Correct Incorrect g g. g G g gm g gms a single space need to be utilized to separate the number from the unit of measurement. Examples: Correct Incorrect Incorrect 500 g 500g 500 g it is not needed to utilize expressions such as “net”, “net weight”, “net contents” or “net amount” as part of the net quantity declaration (commercial packaging).

The kind of unit which should be used depends upon the net quantity of product – postal law. Table 3, which follows, suggests the right system to use for a variety of procedures and sizes. (b) Table 3 Choice of units Type of Measure Web Amount of Item Units volume less than 1000 mL mL, ml, ml 1000 mL or more L, l, l weight less than 1000 g g less than 1000 g (catchweights or product prepackaged from bulk at retail) g or decimal of a kg 1000 g or more kg length less than 100 cm cm or mm 100 cm or more m location less than 100 cm2 (1 dm2) cm2 1 dm2 or more but less than 100 dm2 (1 m2) dm2 1 m2 (100 dm2) or more m2 cubic less than 1000 cm3 (1 dm3) cm3 1 dm3 or more however less than 1000 dm3 (1 m3) dm3 m3 (1000 dm3) or more m3 Areas 25 & 26 Regulations In general, the number used should be shown to 3 figures in the decimal system.

There are three exceptions allowed: quantities below 100 grams, millilitres, cubic centimetres, square centimetres, or centimetres may be shown to two figures. Any last zeros to the right of the decimal point similarly need not be expressed. Examples: Correct Permissible Incorrect 454 g 85.1 g 53.592 g 85 g 85.05 g if the amount is less than one, it might be revealed in either the decimal system with the figure zero preceding the decimal point, or in words.

These declarations might also be declared in decimal figures or in words. 500 g0.5 kg onehalf kilogramonehalf kg 500 mL0.5 Lonehalf litreonehalf L Rounding off numbers Where it is needed to roundoff the metric declaration to the defined number of figures, the treatment is as follows: When the first digit discarded is less than 5, the last digit maintained need to not be changed.

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The roundedoff number will check out 984. The exact same rationale applies to numbers under 100 (for example 68.4 and 7.34) which might be declared to two figures; again the final digit is dropped and the last digit retained remains unchanged so that the “roundedoff” numbers end up being 68 and 7.3 respectively. commercial packaging. When the very first digit to be disposed of is precisely 5, followed just by nos, the final digit to be shown must be rounded up if it is an odd number, however no adjustment made if it is an even number.

984.7 ends up being 985 984.51 ends up being 985 68.6 becomes 69 6.88 becomes 6.9 Dealerships are recommended that when the value is assembled, there may be a need to increase the bundle contents to satisfy the brand-new declared quantity. Subsections 5( 2 ), 5( 3) & 19( 2) Laws A prepackaged nonfood product that is visible, recognizable and sold by count, may be exempted from the net amount statement.

Please describe sections 5( 2) and 5( 3) of the Regulations for details. Examples of Visible, Recognizable, and Quickly Counted Products: Product Identity Statement Dealership Name and Workplace Nonfood packaged items that are packaged from bulk on a retail premise with the net quantity of the product proven on the primary display screen panel of the label in terms of a Canadian system, are exempt from the metric net quantity statement and size of type requirements.

Area 10 Act A statement showing the identity and principal place of business of the person by or for whom the prepackaged product was made or produced for resale is needed. This is translated to imply a name and address sufficient for postal delivery. Subsection 6 (2) Regulations The dealership’s name and primary workplace may be displayed in either English French.