Melbourne Small Business SEO for Crypto

Should Small Business SEO agencies in Melbourne accept Crypto?

This is a new questions coming up in meetings all across the land. Well, all across business meetings in Melbourne anyway – we asked this question because more and more of our clients are requesting Crypto as a form of payment.

Why would a client want to pay with Crypto?

Well, the answer to this question is dependent on the agency in question as well as the scope of work that the client is requesting. For instance, if the work can be measured and a KPI can be applied – more specifically, if the work can be measured with a binary decider – eg, ‘are we indexed for more than 100 keywords by date ‘00/00/00’ and the answer is either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ then if you accept Ether (Ethereum) – then you can implement a smart contract system.

A smart contract is a binary decision model supported by the Ethereum blockchain.

Something either is, or it is not, and therefore it is a conditional determination.

How does this tie in to the SEO model? Or more specifically (I like specific situations) – how does this tie in with Small Business SEO?

Well, Small Businesses have relatively easy to measure KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)  


For instance – a few KPI’s that we have implemented with our SEO agency are:

Has our total indexed query volume decreased?

Has the average position of keywords increased?

Has the click through rate on our keywords decreased?

If all three of these conditions have been met, then the payment does not clear as our SEO service has failed to provide a service.

We use all 3 indicators because a indexed queries can decrease if Google is focusing on the actual intent of the content in relation to the actual intent of the searcher.

We want that – but not at the expense of average position.

Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and the Melbourne CBD have all been wrapped in the ICO space – and now these companies need search engine optimisation skills.

In other words, ‘I just want you to know who I am’ – this is the brief provided to the SEO agency in Melbourne – if they accomplish these things by not damaging our brand, and increasing our ‘view’ count, then we are all on the same page.


The search results that are presented in Google are considered by many to be a form of digital marketing – and seo for small business is an seo service that any business owner or web developer should watch with a keen eye.

When a small business determines how it will run its web design, or what the underlying architecture will look like – they need to consider whether or not this will need to change in the future – after all Google looks at the trends of the times in order to determine your relevance (there we go again with the relevant terminology) — this may however impact the binary decision made with the crypto blockchain – the smart contract.


Our main SEO consultants however now do accept crypto as a form of payment as it opens up a variety of new doors to new industries – predominantly in the ICO (initial coin offering space) – as it seems they seek the majority of their funding in Ether rather than cash.


But there is another benefit in providing Optimization services to those willing to pay in crypto, and that is ‘they are tech savvy’ – they understand that the internet is an ever evolving landscape where what works today may not tomorrow – and it also means that they are more willing to listen to an SEO that is willing to accept their futuristic currency as payment.

Onestopmedia is an SEO agency in Melbourne – they come highly recommended.

Those that require search volume metrics and keyword optimisation understand the importance of relevance in their content – you will need to argue less with them as they already live in the digital era.

When you develop a digital marketing strategy  (in company with a Melbourne Based SEO agency) for a company that is already thinking into the future – already on the ‘disruption train’ then you wont need to convince them why it is important to provide a relevant response – they aren’t in it to con Google, or game the system. (also, if they are a small business paying in Ether, they are most likely quite well funded)

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We have found that they have little understanding of the benefits involved with proper social media marketing – but have the capacity to learn, and therefore we still stand by what we initially said – go with those that want to pay with crypto.

Melbourne has a very competitive Search Landscape

Although Google adwords will be one of those things they want – we urge caution and recommend taking payment upfront and converting that payment into the fiat currency of your nation (so that you can pay for the adwords budget prior to starting that campaign) – as crypto fluctuates in value so often, we have found ourselves caught with our pants down.

This is not to say that this will be a problem – it most likely will not – it is only to say that any real life spend should be converted to fiat as soon as payment lands.

Retrospectively, we wish that more of our clients asked if we would accept crypto – even though for most we would not – merely asking is a tick in the ‘keep’ column. People that want to know how to pay, rather than ‘should we pay’ are already referenced.

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So in conclusion, we do recommend that you work with those that want to pay in Crypto – they are savvy in the tech industry, are great contacts from a networking perspective, and respect and to some degree accept that SEO is something that they not only want, but need.

They are generally well funded and will respect your input as a consultant.

However if you have real life expenses that need to be covered, we strongly recommend that you open an account with your local exchange and convert any crypto payments into fiat currency prior to starting work – if they want to use smart contracts this may require that the payment be split into the ‘pay for resources’ and ‘pay for conversions / keywords indexed / relative position’ buckets.

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Smart contracts can be both an benefit and a bane depending on the side of the contract that you are on. For SEO work that requires that you reach a certain mark it can be great, but for work that requires activity from the client it can be the end of a relationship. Also, a smart contract requires that payment be delivered after the conditions are met – this is not always possible in a modern SEO’s workflow.