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There are three compulsory statements which need to be revealed on a label. postal law. The regulations define the way and location in which the following declarations need to appear: The item identity statement is a statement of the product’s common or generic name, or it might be specified in regards to its function.

Subsection 6( 2) Regulations The product identity must be revealed in English French. In some cases a product identity declaration is multilingual in and of itself, such as “cologne” or “serviettes”. Section 12 Laws The item identity must be shown on the “primary display panel” of the plan. Describe Section 2.5 for the definition – commercial packaging law.

Section 15 Laws There is no restriction on the type face which might be utilized. Nevertheless, this information should be quickly legible to the customer. Sections 14, 15 & 16 Regulations The type height need to be a minimum of 1.6 mm (1/16 inch) where upper case letters only are used.

For example, whether the product identity is revealed as “Hair shampoo”, “Hair shampoo” or “hair shampoo”, the type height for the letter “o” need to be a minimum of 1.6 mm. In specific cases, where the container has a principal display screen surface of 10 square centimetres (1.55 square inches) or less, the minimum type height may be minimized to 0.8 mm (1/32 inch).

Subsections 5( 1) & 5( 3) Regulations Under specific conditions, when the product is generally sold by count and is packaged in such a method that it shows up and identifiable, or the label has a precise pictorial representation of the bundle contents, an exemption from stating the product identity might use – commercial packaging law.

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Subsection 4( 1) Act Sections 21, 22, 23 & 36 Regulations Generally the net amount need to be expressed: in metric units of volume, when the product is a liquid, a gas, or is viscous; or in metric units of weight, when the product is strong; or by mathematical count when the product is sold by specific units.

Example of Product Offered by Length: Product Identity Statement Web Amount Statement Dealership Call and Workplace Where a product is declared by count, and the bundle consists of just one unit, the net quantity may be thought about stated by the product identity statement in its particular form. Where this alternative is worked out, it is suggested to display the product identity using the minimum type height specified for the net quantity declaration (Please describe Table 1).

Item Identity Declaration C. Dealership Call and Location of Business Specific exceptions to these basic rules are also prescribed by the Laws: the net amount of aerosols are declared by weight (propellant + components). Refer to area 22( 1) of the Laws. Example of Aerosol Label: Item Identity Statement Net Amount Declaration Dealer Call and Workplace the net amount of particular bidimensional products (i.e.

Describe subsections 23( 1) and 23( 2) of the Laws for information. Examples of Labels for Products Offered by Sheets and Rolls: Product Identity Declaration Web Amount Declaration Dealership Name and Workplace The usage of an additional nonmetric quantity statement is permitted providing that it is not false or misleading to the consumer.

Please note that a net quantity statement using only numbers and metric signs is considered multilingual. Subsection 4( 2) Act Sections 12 & 17 Laws The net amount statement must be displayed clearly and plainly on the “primary display screen panel” (describe Section 2.5 for definition) of the label and need to be quickly readable and in distinct contrast to any other info or representation shown on the label – commercial packaging.

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Example of Label on Principal Display Panel: Item Identity Declaration Internet Quantity Declaration Dealership Call and Workplace Section 14 Regulations The numerical part of the net amount statement need to be in vibrant face type. There is no limitation on type face for any other information consisted of in the net amount statement (i.e.

Section 14 Laws The numerical portion of the net quantity declaration must have a type height not less than the minimum size outlined in Table 1. (a) Table 1 Minimum type heights Area of Principal Display Surface Area * Minimum Type Height * Describe Area 2.6. postal law. Not more than 32 cm2 (5 in2) 1.6 mm (1/16 in) More than 32 cm2 (5 in2) however not more than 258 cm2 (40 in2) 3.2 mm (1/8 in) More than 258 cm2 (40 in2) but not more than 645 cm2 (100 in2) 6.4 mm (1/4 in) More than 645 cm2 (100 in2) but not more than 25.8 dm2 (400 in2) 9.5 mm (3/8 in) More than 25.8 dm2 (400 in2) 12.7 mm (? in) All other details in this declaration must have a type height of not less than 1.6 mm (1/16 inch) where upper case letters just are used.