About me

Hi my name’s Rambo and thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.

There are very few things I enjoy more in life than trading. I’ve had a serious interest in it since a very young age. During the final two years of my time at high school my economics teacher got me deeply interested in the world of currency and share trading and started me on my path to becoming an economics major and professional fiat and cryptocurrency trader.

About 4 years ago I quit my day job for one of LA’s largest financial institutions and started out of my own both day and long term trading. ¬†Currently I have an interest in and activley trade fiat currency, CFDs and crypto. ¬†When I’m not trading I enjoy writing about emerging trends and my thoughts/musings regarding cryptocurrency and that’s where these blog comes in.

Hopefully they will be some information here that you can get some value from whether it’s small trading tips and tricks, or an over all better understanding of the general cryptocurrency landscape.

If you enjoy what you read here and would like to connect with me you can find me on Google+.

Good luck and happy trading!